Gwen Matz (1940 - 2012)

We love you with all our hearts.

Gwen Matz
Gwen Matz violinGwen Matz Violin 2
Gwen Matz restored violin
Gwen Matz Christmas 2012

Dear Mom, may you go in peace and comfort on your new journey. We love you very much.

loving parents

Gwen Matz passed away peacefully from this life Friday morning, September 7th, 2012, at her daughter's house in Vacaville CA. Her loving daughter Michelle was at her side.

Gwen was born on March 27th, 1940, to Mike and Theresa Cercek of whom are both deceased, and is survived by her two sons, Mike and David Dully, and her daughter Michelle Clement.

At an early age, Gwen became a very skilled violinist, and as a teenage girl, she wanted to become a nurse. As life would have it, she had her first child at 18 years of age with her husband Joseph Dully. Gwen set aside her earlier ambitions to become a dedicated full time mother with the help of her parents in San Jose CA. Gwen would frequently say that having kids was “the happiest days of her life,” and that she dearly loved her three children without regrets. She also leaves behind three wonderful grandchildren Niki, Chase and Victoria.

In addition to being a full-time mom, Gwen regularly played her violin at special venues and also at a variety of churches. Gwen worked as a loan officer for a bank in San Jose, and in her mid 40s, she worked as a nursing assistant in Greenville California where she lived with her second husband Ray Matz.

Gwen loved her old house in Greenville. Gwen and Ray worked hard together at building a beautiful home out that very old farm house. With that task complete, Gwen would spend her days with her daughter Michelle, doing chores, mowing the grass, chasing her rambunctious cats, and she became an accomplished watercolor painter. Gwen also continued to play her violin at the local church and attended art classes at Feather River College. Gwen's many beautiful works of art hang on the walls of her friends and her family members' homes. They are a testament to her great appreciation of beauty.

When Gwen's husband, Ray, passed away in 2005, she remained in her Greenville home helping her elderly mother that lived next door. A few years after her mother passed away she moved to her daughter Michelle's home in Vacaville where she had assistance in managing her illness from her family and care providers. One activity that Gwen greatly enjoyed was playing music with a hospice worker, the Rev. Bladimer Paeste. Bladimer played his guitar and sang as Gwen accompanied him on the violin. Their friendship lifted Gwen up beyond her worldly cares and brought a gentle peace to everyone around. An MP3 audio recording of Gwen & Bladimer playing music together can be downloaded here. With great insight and generosity, Northbay Hospice provided Gwen a "Dream of a Lifetime" gift and restored her old violin. An article about the event can be viewed here.

Gwen had a caring and generous soul. She will be greatly missed by everyone. Dear Mom, may you go in peace & comfort on your new journey. You are a shining star and we love you with all our hearts.

- Mike Dully

←and one of the dogs that came to visit Mom on her last day of this life.